Sometimes, you just want to know the stats or where someone is at in the overall process, this page is intended to do just that, track the overall progress I’ve made…I’ll play around with this format for a while until I get to something that isn’t a pain to update and conveys the things I think are interesting about progress overall

Rivet Counter

One of the top questions I get from engineering/building-interested folk is, “how many rivets are you going to have to do” – my answer is, “Not sure” – as such, here’s my progress tracker on the number of Rivets on my RV-10

Big Picture

Common among RV-10 Bloggers, YouTubers, etc. – here’s my take at the color-coded progress of the RV-10.

Working Hours

With a background in consulting, yes – I track my hours… I’ll summarize them here, though the most up-to-date count will always be my EAA Builders Log. Estimated hours are based on a few data points I’ve pulled from other’s build logs – Van’s claims this should take me 1600-2000 hours, based on my completely unscientific estimations, I have the estimated total time at 2152 hours (based on averages of the aforementioned data points). I’ll update estimates as I complete major assemblies.

Timeline Estimations

This is the thing that very few builders want to answer, the dreaded, “When will you be done question”. And let me start this by saying that I really don’t know when I’ll be done with this thing…There’s about a million different things that can occur that will upset this apple cart along the journey, but what I will do is share my basic timeline and some assumptions – which should hopefully give an idea of when I think I may be done. I’m sharing this as it was a hard answer to find during my initial and ongoing research, and I’m using it to help me time when I need to do things (buy kits, acquire skills, find storage, etc.).

Commentary on the Estimation: So far, I’ve averaged about 30 minutes/day of work on the project – I certainly don’t work that often, but that’s what the number show… These estimations assume I’m working 1.5 hours/day on this project – quite the increase. This increase is based closer to the rate of speed I’ve been maintaining this past month of August, and I believe that I will (generally) be more productive in the winter time and less in the summer.

Another huge impact to these estimations is the ‘Estimated Hours’ column – right now, I have about 3-4 “reasonable” estimations that I’m basing these hours on – the issue: There are very large differences in many of these numbers…hundreds of hours. Also, the way in which people categorize their time varies, and in some cases, I’ve had to ‘guess’ as builders stopped sharing their total build hours, or the build hours became excessively high, etc.

I’m purposefully not including time for Painting in this estimation; my current plan has the initial test flights being conducted as a plain aluminum airframe in case there are necessary repairs or modifications that would otherwise mess up a lot of effort in paint.

Prognostication: I know I’m forgetting something in this estimation, and I also sincerely doubt I’ll hit the velocity of 1.5hrs/day (10.5hrs/week) on this project. However, for now, it serves as a motivation to me to keep making progress, step-by-step, rivet-by-rivet to move the project forward. To quote the many over at VAF…Build on.