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Obligatory First Post

Welcome to my (finally) up and running blog, let’s do some quick catch-up here as I’m posting this in August 2021: I’m building a Van’s RV-10 (the slow-build variety), and I started my build journey years ago (planning-wise), but truly started in late May 2021 when I received my empennage kit. Ahead of receiving that kit, I did much planning, some workshop renovation, and spent far too much just the right amount time researching all I could before pulling the trigger on the RV-10.

Some quick background on me: I’m not (yet) a pilot, I’ve started my training by passing the written exam and getting my medical and then COVID hit, so I delayed my flight training and instead started building a RV-10. My goal is to resume my flight training soon while continuing to build the plane (and my proficiency in flying) so that once the plane is ready to fly (for those who ask these things, earliest flight would be in 2025) I have a good amount of flight experience under my belt (wings?). In addition to building planes, I enjoy a mess of other hobbies – 3D printing and (very) amateur 3D design of things to print, gardening, home improvement, wood working, technology in general, spending time with my wife and our dogs, and the list goes on.

You can always find the nitty-gritty of my build progress on my build-log here: Over time, I’ll work to keep the build log more focused on the work at hand, and will post longer-form explanations/diatribes/etc. on this site as well. Fair warning, you’ll likely encounter some duplication between the two sites, though I won’t (likely) move over all of my pre-August 2021 build log posts to this site.

So thanks for stopping by, I hope this is helpful, mildly amusing, and/or not-annoying. If you ever want to get it touch you can send me a note on gmail, I think you know how these things work, just put jwilliams2020 in front of the usual @ portion for gmail accounts.